Shipping methods

1.1. THE MONK provides you with the option of choosing the method of delivery and receipt of the products you have purchased. At the time of completing your order, you choose how you wish to have the products in your order sent to you. The shipping method of the products also shapes the final cost of your order according to which the payment will be made. Your order confirmation will also state the shipping method you have chosen.

1.2. Before the finalization of your order, you will be informed about the delivery time, while it will also be followed by an Order Confirmation email, which you will receive after its completion.

a) THE MONK cooperates for deliveries throughout Greece with ACS Courier and for deliveries within and outside the European Union with DHL Express

b). THE MONK takes all the necessary measures for the timely and on-time delivery of the order to the carrier, to whom the burden of the immediate and on-time delivery of the order to the buyer is transferred. In no case can we guarantee neither the time of arrival of the order nor the exact time of its delivery, as it is the responsibility of the courier company in question. THE MONK is not responsible for delays in the execution of the order (including delivery) due to circumstances beyond the company's fault or due to force majeure, in particular incidents related to the COVID-19 pandemic. If such incidents last more than two (2) months, the sales contract may be withdrawn by either party without compensation. If the Customer considers that he no longer has an interest in the execution of the order, he is entitled to terminate the sales contract and THE MONK is obliged to return to him the price as well as any other amount that had been paid under the sales contract. Our company is responsible for the proper delivery of your order to the carrier, and from delivery the risk is transferred to the buyer. The delivery time of the sold products and services is specified in the order and confirmed upon acceptance of the order by THE MONK, and is a maximum of ten (10) working days from the time of the sale, unless there is a specific different agreement of the parties that is confirmed in writing, by electronic mail. Deliveries are made on working days between 9:00 – 13:00 and the order will be sent to the address you indicate

c) The cost of transport is what is determined each time by the tariff policy of each courier company, which are solely responsible for the shipping charges and which may change the prices at any time. THE MONK company is not responsible for any price change.

d) With the express reservation of any special charges for transport and delivery that will be expressly provided for in a product posted on our website, the general pricing policy is the following:

e) The shipping cost for orders outside of Greece with DHL Express is automatically calculated on the shopping cart page (depending on the volumetric weight of each order and the shipping address) and will be included in your order request prior to completion and payment. For more information on DHL Express courier services here.

g) For shipments throughout Greece, with ACS Courier, the shipping cost is calculated for any region within Greece at €4. For more information about ACS Courier courier services click here.

1.3. If at the time of delivery you are not at the delivery address you have indicated to us to receive your package, the delivery person will leave you an informational note with instructions on how to collect your order. In this case, the risk of loss or damage to the goods is transferred to the buyer, taking into account the fragile nature of our products. The distributor will attempt to deliver the product to you up to 3 times, otherwise it will remain on the distributor's premises at your own risk and expense and subject to the carrier's general storage conditions. In the event that you have declared payment by cash on delivery and do not contact our Customer Service Department via the Contact Us section to receive the product within 3 days of the failed delivery attempt to you, your order will be automatically cancelled.

1.4. If you purchase our products for shipment outside of Greece, it is necessary to inform yourself with your own care about the conditions and specifications required by the legislation of your country of residence or residence, or the shipment of our products so that the products ordered from our store can ensure their seamless journey from our store to the recipient.

For the necessary specifications, the consumer-buyer must be informed by the competent Authorities of the country of delivery of the products.

In particular, the products must meet specific customs requirements, conditions and restrictions, in order to be imported into the country of destination, such as composition specifications, restrictions of type, weight, dimensions, requirements of necessary accompanying documents, manuals, etc., it is due to be confirmed that the products you have ordered from our store meet and meet these specifications.

The consumer-buyer can find out about the characteristics of our store's products by contacting us. If he finds that the products do not meet the necessary specifications to be imported into the country of destination, he must refrain from the order, otherwise he will be charged with any related expenses that arise. Specifically, the consumer bears any costs resulting from the refusal of the authorities of the destination country to allow the entry of the product into its territory, whether it is the cost of shipping and returning the product to our online store, or the cost of storage or necessary handling, or for additional duties or legally imposed fines due to non-compliance of products with legal specifications.

1.5. If we have accepted an order for a particular good, but it is ultimately unavailable due to a delay or failure of our supplier to provide it, or is unavailable due to force majeure or fortuitous reasons for more than 30 days (after order confirmation) the Support Department Our customer service will contact you immediately to resolve the issue. First, we will recommend the same product or another brand of the same product or a product from a different category or a substitute product. If it is not agreed to proceed with another purchase, you have the right of withdrawal and will receive a full and interest-free refund within thirty (30) days.

1.6 In our effort to maintain the quality and freshness of our products, we place small and frequent orders with our suppliers and do not keep large stocks in our warehouse, further reducing the delivery time from the supplier to the consumer. Since most of our products are fresh and without preservatives many times some of them depending on the environmental conditions may lose a little of their weight until they are received without this causing any change in their composition or any defect in the product his.

Liability for Actual Defects

2.1 THE MONK is liable for actual defects and lack of agreed properties in accordance with articles 534 et seq. of the Civil Code. THE MONK will not owe any compensation or monetary satisfaction for any other reason, especially due to damage to life, health or physical integrity.