Privacy Policy

1 Introduction

1.1 The sole proprietorship Picsiorla Kyriaki (hereinafter also referred to as "THE MONK", "we", "us" or "our") is fully committed to the protection of the personal data of its website visitors and customers. We will not disclose customer information to third parties unless absolutely necessary. THE MONK will treat the personal data provided to it by the users of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"), in accordance with all relevant laws of the European Union (EU) and Greece regarding protection of this data.

1.2. When using the Website, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and limiting access to your computer to prevent unauthorized access to your account. You agree that you accept responsibility for all activities that occur under your account or password. You must take all necessary steps to ensure that your password remains private and secure. Additionally, if for any reason you believe that another person knows your password or that your password is being used or is likely to be used without your consent, you must immediately contact our Customer Support Department via the Contact Us section. Otherwise, you are responsible for any activity carried out with your user code up to the time of the company's update. In any case, the burden of proof is always borne by the member who invokes any lack of identification and not by the Company. You can change your password at any time through the "My Account" section on THE MONK Website. We recommend that you change your password regularly, ie every six months or so.

1.3. Please ensure that the information you provide to us is correct, true, up to date and complete and notify us immediately of any change to the details you entered when you registered. In case of registration of a legal entity, the name of the person in charge of communication must be mentioned as well as their full name. THE MONK relies on the user's statements about his personal information and bears no responsibility for them.

1.5. THE MONK reserves the right to deny access to the Website, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders at its sole discretion.

1.6. It is pointed out that the username chosen by the member must not be illegal such as e.g. vulgar, derogatory or indecent in any way or infringes intellectual or industrial property rights or other rights of third parties. In addition, the username must not contain any indication of e-mail or internet addresses, personal contact/communication information of the user or infringe any rights of third parties.

1.7 This Privacy Policy is an integral part of THE MONK's terms of use and you are bound by it both while browsing our website and every time you enter as a member or user on our Website. If you do not agree with this Policy, please do not use our website (

What personal data we collect and process

2.1. Your personal data that we collect and process are always relevant and appropriate to the fulfillment of our obligations to you and the execution of purchases and sales from our website.

2.2. In particular, the data we collect are:

a) predefined data during your registration as a member, as well as in other fields of our website (such as "My Account", "Recommend us to a friend", "Send us an e-mail", "Live chat", such as first name, last name, address, member's date of birth, gender, phone number, e-mail address, member name, member code. Of these data, what is optional is declared by you at your sole choice at your free will.

b) your email address (e-mail) in case you subscribe to the list in order to receive newsletters/newsletters from our company (without simultaneously registering as our member).

c) You also declare the personal data that are relevant and convenient for the execution of your specific purchase and sale, such as the full delivery address, the full billing address, the information related to the payment of the payment.

d) In the event that you recommend us to a friend and in the event that you wish to send a "Gift Card" to a friend, we collect the name, gender and e-mail address of your friend, recipient of the message .

e) your CV and all the information it contains, after you have sent it to us and then attached a relevant file to the "Career Opportunities" field.

g) finally communications data such as e.g. IP address which are technically necessary for your navigation on our website and/or for making purchases, which are kept for as long as the law provides for businesses like ours. (Law 2742/1997, Law 3471/2006, as they apply today and the related provisions.)

Your consent

3.1. By browsing our website or registering as a member on our website or by purchasing any product from our website or by subscribing to our newsletter list or by registering as a member of the Rewards Program you declare that you accept and consent to this Policy as well as provide us with your express consent to the collection and processing of your personal data referred to in article 2 above.

3.2. In case of purchasing products from our website, you provide your consent:
a) By sending a request for an order, you agree to receive notifications to your e-mail address, which are a condition for the correct progress of your order.
b) to send you newsletters about products and/or services available through our website. You can withdraw this consent at any time by contacting our Customer Support Department via the Contact Us section or by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link in any of our e-mail communications.

3.3. Subject to receiving the notices referred to in Article 6.12 of the Terms and Conditions for the execution of your order (new, amended, upon return or withdrawal), in any case you may at any time withdraw your consent to the collection and processing of part or of all your personal data as analyzed in article 2 above as follows:
a) for the personal data referred to in article 2.2. a) above with your deletion from being a member of our website
b) for the personal data referred to in article 2.2. b) above by removing you from our company's newsletter list at any time in the manner referred to in article 4.2. below.
c) for the personal data referred to in article 2.2.

3.4. THE MONK does not store data and credit card details, which are managed securely and under the sole responsibility of the payment service provider through whose website the payments are processed and executed. The same applies to payment data used by online payment providers such as e.g. PayPal.

3.5. However, in the event of notification by the member, which is made only to our competent authorized employees, as they are the only ones with access to any information of your transactions that is necessary to process your request, information of his postal savings account and/or bank , the member agrees that THE MONK will use this information for all possible refunds to the member such as e.g. in case of his withdrawal. And for the refunds of sums of money made to the credit cards of the members or to accounts that the members maintain in online payment providers such as e.g. PayPal, responsible for the relevant processing of this data are exclusively the collaborating banks (issuer and recipient) or the third party online payment provider such as e.g. PayPal.

3.6. THE MONK is in no way responsible for the actions on your personal data of third-party websites from which you connected or gained access to THE MONK.GR Website

Communication and Marketing

4.1. If you have made a purchase from our Website, you may occasionally receive general information and/or promotional updates (newsletters) about our latest products, news from the Company's activities (such as competitions, winners, etc.) etc.), as well as special offers via e-mail, SMS, written letters and over the phone. For the above marketing actions, the member agrees that THEMONK.GR will process and use his personal data.

4.2. All members of THE MONK can withdraw their consent to the use of their personal data and choose not to receive communications for marketing purposes (newsletters). If you wish to stop receiving marketing communications (newsletters) from us and/or selected third parties, you must opt-out from the My Account section of the Website. You can visit the "My Account" section after registering and logging in, or click on the "unsubscribe" link in any of our communications by electronic mail (e-mail).


Category 1 cookies: Strictly necessary cookies
These cookies are necessary for the website to be able to provide the services you have requested, such as remembering the products you have in your shopping cart, which will remain there for 7 days after the last update of your cart and then they will be deleted.

Category 2: Functionality cookies
These cookies remember your choices, such as those regarding language, and search parameters, such as size, cuisines, recipes, product origin, etc.. They can be used to customize your experience and visits to better suit in your choices, but also to like you more. In addition, information collected on an anonymous basis from many users allows us to improve the way the website works. For example, the Saved Products feature uses a cookie to remember the products you have expressed a desire to save while visiting our Website.
We recommend that you change the settings in your browser so that cookies are not stored on your computer without your express consent.

Internet Explorer 7.0+, 8.0+, 9.0+

To prevent the installation of new cookies

  • Go to the Tools menu in the menu bar
  • Click the Internet Options button
  • Click on the Privacy tab above
  • Move the slider to the Block all Cookies button
  • To delete existing cookies
  • Go to the Tools menu in the menu bar
  • Click the Internet Options button
  • Click the General tab in the Browsing History section and click Delete

Internet Explorer 8.0+

To prevent the installation of new cookies

  • Go to the Tools menu in the menu bar
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  • Click on the Privacy tab above
  • Click Sites
  • A new dialog will open, the Per Site Privacy Actions window
  • Type the URL of the website in the Address of website box and click Block

To delete existing cookies

  • Go to the Tools menu in the menu bar
  • Click the Internet Options button
  • Click on the Privacy tab above
  • Click Sites
  • A new dialog will open, the Per Site Privacy Actions window
  • Under the Managed websites box you will see a list of all the websites you have visited
  • To remove all cookies click on the button Remove all (Remove all)

Internet Explorer 7.0+

To prevent the installation of new cookies

  • Go to the Tools menu in the menu bar
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  • Click on the Privacy tab above
  • Click the Advanced button
  • Select Prompt for both First party Cookies and Third Party Cookies

To delete existing cookies

  • Go to the Tools menu in the menu bar
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  • Click on the General tab at the top
  • In the Browsing History section, click Delete
  • Click Delete Cookies (Delete Cookies)

Firefox 2.0+, 3.0+, 4.0+

To prevent the installation of new cookies

  • Go to the Tools menu in the menu bar
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  • Disable the box Accept cookies from sites (Accept Cookies From sites)

To delete existing cookies

  • Go to the Tools menu in the menu bar
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  • Click on the Privacy tab
  • Click Clear Now
  • Select Cookies
  • Click Clear Private Data Now

Google Chrome

To prevent the installation of new cookies
• Click the tool icon in the top right of your browser
• Click the Options button
• Click the Advanced Options tab (Under the Bonnet) (UK) / (Under the Hood) (US)
• Click the Content settings button in the Privacy section
• Make sure you select Allow local data to be set
• Select Block sites from setting any data
To delete existing cookies
• Click the tool icon in the top right of your browser
• Click the Options button
• Click the Advanced Options tab (Under the Bonnet) (UK) / (Under the Hood) (US)
• Click the Content settings button in the Privacy section
• Click the Clear browsing data button


To prevent the installation of new cookies and to delete existing ones
• Go to the Safari menu (icon at the top right of your browser) and select Preferences
• From the pop-up that appears, select the security icon (lock)
• In the Accept Cookies setting, select the Never button


Click on Settings
• Click on Preferences
• Click Advanced
• Click on Cookies (Cookies) and select Never accept Cookies (never accept Cookies)

Table of Cookies

Although we update the above from time to time, the above information is provided solely for your convenience and there may be new updates available, which you should check and cross check yourself. In any case, each user/member is responsible for successfully deleting or prohibiting the installation of cookies on their computer.

Website statistics

6.1 We may collect and process for statistical purposes or in order to improve your experience on our website:

Information about your computer, your visits and use of this Website (e.g. your IP address, your geographic location, your browser, how you are informed about the Website, the duration of the visit and the number of page views).
• Information about any transactions you have made with us on or in connection with this Website

6.2 THE MONK collects and processes this type of information, as well as that resulting from the cookies used on the website pursuant to article 5 above, in order to improve the services it offers to the users of the Website (technologically as well as in terms of user experience) as well as for statistical purposes.

6.3. If you need more information about how we collect and process your personal data and the above information, you can contact our Customer Support Department through the Contact Us section.

Keeping your data safe

7.1. Our Company uses automated systems to carry out the necessary checks to combat fraud cases and for this reason we may use the personal information you have provided us in the context of sample checks with technical means. The member agrees that in case of existence of reasonable evidence and if the specific circumstance requires it, THE MONK will have the right to collect, process and use those data, which are necessary to reveal any illegal or non-contractual use of THE MONK. This information may be disclosed to a credit reporting or fraud prevention agency, which may keep a record of this information. This is only to confirm your identity (no credit check is performed and your credit rating is not affected).

7.2. We reserve the right to disclose your information if requested to do so by the police or any regulatory or governmental authority in the context of investigations into activities while visiting the website in the event of a legal order, official order or official preliminary investigation. In addition, we cannot be held responsible for the privacy policy of the financial institutions with which we cooperate, especially for their terms of use regarding the execution of various transactions.

7.3. We take all the necessary actions to ensure the security of personal data and activities both collected by us in accordance with the provisions of this Policy and during the use of the website. However, it is pointed out that in particular the transmission of information via the Internet is not completely secure. We will make every effort to protect your personal data, but we cannot guarantee the security of data transmitted to our website (any transmission is at your own risk). Once we receive your information, we use strict procedures and security features in our effort to prevent unauthorized use.

7.4. To protect your data, THE MONK uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology certified by RapidSSL. THEMONK.GR uses digital SSL certificates from RapidSSL Inc.

Whenever you type information on a web page you've visited, RapidSSL displays the green padlock sign in the upper left corner of your browser, just before the web page address, ensuring the protection of your transaction and data. If you click on the padlock above, you can see information about THEMONK.GR's SSL certificate.

RapidSSL is one of the world's most trusted providers of online transaction security.

The protection of the above technology ensures that any data you enter on our Website is transmitted encrypted. This is a process of identifying the message and the server. RapidSSL's website security solutions include industry leading SSL, certificate management, vulnerability assessment and malware scanning solutions. By using RapidSSL, our customers can have peace of mind, right from the search, that browsing our Website and purchasing products from it is protected.

7.4 Credit card information transmitted by our Website to credit card processing companies is governed by the rules set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI DSS). The Council's mission is to "strengthen the security of payment account information by promoting knowledge and education on PCI Security Standards." The Council was founded by American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa Inc.. For more information about the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, visit its website,

8. Our Website does not store any credit/debit card information you enter when placing your order, nor are they recorded in the event of a phone order. Before any transaction is approved, you are directly hyperlinked to another website that uses an online credit card processing technology under the responsibility of Piraeus Bank SA. This means that our Website does not, for any reason, use any credit/debit card details you have entered as they are not visible on it.

8.1. Please note that we cannot guarantee the security of data, information, etc. that we receive by electronic mail (e-mail). Accordingly, you should NOT send us information and payment details via electronic mail (e-mail). However, in the event that you choose to provide us with your information, for example due to a telephone order, you give us your express consent to use it exclusively for the payment of your order, while our company does not store this information at all.

8.2. When you choose to pay with PayPal, your payment is subject to PayPal's Terms and Conditions, and to the issues of personal data collected by that company under the relevant agreement you have accepted when signing up for that service.

8.3. All payments made using a card are processed through Piraeus Bank's electronic payment platform and uses encryption with an encryption protocol. Encryption is a way of encoding information until it reaches its intended recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.

Checking your details

9.1. If you wish to have access to and/or information about your information that you have submitted to THE MONK, you can contact our Customer Support Department via the Contact Us section. In the same way you can exercise your right to object.

9.2. As part of our security procedures, we may request user identification information as stated on our website before providing you with any information, to confirm your identity and for your security. You must ensure the security of your information, as you will be responsible for any action we take in response to a request from someone using your e-mail address and password. We strongly recommend that you do not allow your browser to save your password, as this would give other people using your computer access to your personal data.

Expiration of membership

In case you wish to unsubscribe as a member from our Website, you can contact our Customer Support Department through the Contact Us section. If you are removed from our membership, we will also delete any personal data you have provided to us until you are removed as a member of THE MONK. Exceptionally, you consent to the storage and use of your personal data even after the termination of your participation in THE MONK for the formation of the statistics of our Website (after they have first been made anonymous) as well as in the event of a pending order or financial or other pending between of our company and you and until its full and complete settlement/satisfaction.

Contact us

11.1 THE MONK (see postal address below) is the controller of your personal data processed under this Policy.

11.2. You have a right to access the information THE MONK holds about you and you can exercise this right in accordance with the Law. You can make an access request free of charge, however, depending on the personal information you request, we may charge a fee to cover the cost of providing you with details of the information we hold. We will notify you of the possibility of such charges upon receipt of your access request and await your confirmation of proceeding with the process and payment of such amount.

11.3. It is always our pleasure to communicate with our customers and any complaints are always welcome. We always appreciate the time you take to provide us with feedback information which helps us to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied, as we would like you to visit our Website again and also recommend us to your family and friends. For any questions or comments regarding the above, or if you would like us to stop processing your information, please feel free to contact a member of THE MONK Customer Service by email, live chat, phone or even and in writing, we will be happy to answer any question you may have. Please note that all telephone calls may be recorded for educational, security or service control purposes. Finally, a record is kept of all live chats or e-mails sent for request tracking and statistical purposes.

11.4. Our Customer Service Department provides support services in English and Greek only.

You can contact our Customer Service Department via the Contact Us section or on +302377 110210.

You can also write to us at:


Ouranoupoli, Halkidiki, 63075,


Otherwise, the Terms and Conditions apply and are binding in their entirety