Octopus cooked with Tradifresh: Lygistis red roasted pepper spread, served with celery and green apple puree.

Ingredients for the octopus:

1 kg octopus

1 onion (chopped)

2 bay leaves

10-15 pcs pepper seeds

2-3 thyme bunch

1 garlic clove

150gr Lygistis red roasted pepper spread with tomato & aubergine by TRADIFRESH

80 gr red wine

100 gr water

Gevoo (Greek extra virgin olive oil)




In a pressure cooker add the Gevoo and sauté the chopped onion for 3-4 minutes

Then, add the garlic and the thyme. Sauté for a couple of more minutes and stir with the red wine.

In the meanwhile, add the rest of the ingredients but not the salt

Let boil in cooker in low heat or slow fire for 15-20 minutes

When ready add the salt. After, in a pan add a sauce quantity from the pressure cooker and allow to cook until thicken.


Ingredients for the celery puree with green apple:

1 celery

3 green apples

500 gr milk

½ lemon

50 gr butter





Clean the celery and the green apples and cut in cubes

In a cooking pan put the cubed celery and apples, add the lemon juice with the milk in the pan till they dry ingredients are covered. If not covered then add more milk

Cover the pan with baking paper and let broil until both ingredients soften

Drain the softened ingredients and add them in the blender with the salt, the pepper, and the butter.



Ingredients for the Kinoa:

75 gr multicolor kinoa

180 gr water

30 gr white wine

5 gr white vinegar

20 gr gevoo (Greek extra virgin olive oil)





In a cooking pan add all the ingredients and let broil in low-medium heat until all the fluids are evaporated.

When ready take the pan off the fire and spread on a new surface to cool off


 Ingredients for the leek:

1 leek






Wash well the leek and cut in slices of 3-4cm

Boil in a cooking pan for 15-20 till soften and cooked

Drain the leek, cut in half, add the gevoo, the salt, the pepper and carefully blowtorch the leek slices


Good Luck!!!!!

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