More or less, we are all familiar with the classic Bellini cocktail. A delightful combination of sparkling wine and fresh peach juice. Cool and light, it is a classic, ideal taste for the hot summer nights. Let’s see now an alternate version of the well known Bellini cocktail using strawberry. Well, it is not exactly the known drill where we need to rinse, cut and puree the strawberries but with the unique #strawberryblonde by Jukeros a fresh lemonade with strawberries, chia seeds and fresh basil aroma. Let’s prepare it:

  • ½ glass of #strawberryblonde from Jukeros
  • ½ glass of prosecco sparkling wine
  • A few strawberries and some fresh basil leaves to decorate our cocktail with

Gently stir the prosecco wine with the #strawberryblonde lemonade and add up the strawberries; cut in slices if they are big or  as a whole if they are small. Top with the fresh basil leaves and our cocktail is ready!

A light and refreshing summer cocktail, full of aroma, chia seeds and tempting fizzy bubbles; it will cool your summer nights without guilt. A whole bottle of  #strawberryblonde contains only 70 calories!

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